Musée Despiau-Wlérick

The museum of figurative sculpture Nearly two hundred sculptures are presented in the permanent rooms of the mus ...

Château de Gaujacq

In the heart of Chalosse, a unique castle in Europe, built in the image of an Italian palace, unusual masterpiece of ...

Abbaye d'Arthous

Nestled at the confluence of the Landes, the Basque Country and the united gaves, Arthous Abbey offers you a timeles ...

Musée de la Chalosse

A few minutes from Dax, between the pine forest and the Pyrenees, Chalosse, with its fertile and hilly landscape, of ...

PréhistoSite de Brassempouy

Museum space and Archaeological activity park : During a guided tour, in a building with an unusual architecture, d ...

A Bicyclette

From the start of the pedals with a Pierre Michaux bike to the modern racing bike, passing by the legendary Grand Bi ...

69 avenue du Marensin
40170 Lit et Mixe

Phone : 06 30 97 93 99

Maison Barthouil

Family business for 3 generations and last smoker of old-fashioned salmon : suspended, cold and slowly smoked with A ...

Musée de la Faïence et des Arts de la table

The museum recounts the secrets of the “Royal Earthenware Factory” created in 1732, which produced colourful, richly ...

Maison du Patrimoine - Métiers Anciens

La Maison du Patrimoine offers you another look at the forest and its history. A permanent exhibition presents tradi ...

Musée Prieuré

rue de l'Abbaye
40200 Mimizan

Phone : 05 58 09 00 61

Musée de la Batellerie et de la Pêche Professi ...

66 place de la Liberté
40300 Port de Lanne

Phone : 05 58 89 16 29

Cell : 06 07 63 78 96

Écomusée de Marquèze

Route de la gare
40630 Sabres

Phone : 05 24 73 37 40