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    • The museum recounts the secrets of the “Royal Earthenware Factory” created in 1732, which produced colourful, richly-decorated pieces until 1838.

      While no buildings have survived, the museum has preserved the memory of what happened with- in those walls, revealing manufacturing techniques and displaying more than 300 earthenware pieces.

      One exhibit, dedicated to tableware, immerses visitors in the history of gastronomy and features reenactments, smells and interviews.

      Volunteers from the Earthenware Committee host a demonstration of earthenware production and decoration on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3pm.

      Family workshops will be held during the school holidays.

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Useful information

Province : Mont de Marsan / Armagnac

Location : 2378, Route d'Hagetmau
40320 Samadet


2378, Route d'Hagetmau
40320 Samadet

GPS coordinates

43° 38'28.51"N, 0° 30'38.76"W

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