Terafeu Terafour: an artisanal pottery for healthy and tasty cooking

We are devoting more and more time and attention to making healthy food choices, with good, tasty and natural products. To achieve this, we can cook with utensils , containers and cooking elements , unique and beautiful : Terafeu Terafour has been developing hand-made products, lead-free and cadium-free, for more than 30 years. at the time and give the food flavors found , incomparable taste and texture ! On one side, elements for cooking in refractory earth, pretty and practical. On the other hand, utensils, pots, cups and earthenware dishes, to enjoy the properties of the earth every day while brightening up the kitchen with vibrant colors. Let's push the door of the Terafeu Terafour store in Tilh , meet Christine Lassalle ...

Refractory earth, its properties and uses in cooking

Upon entering Terafeu Terafour's shop , the visitor is immediately seduced by the vibrant , shimmering colors and brilliant brilliance of the exposed pottery . They are of all shapes and forms , carefully aligned and arranged by use . The pottery lover , the connoisseur, will observe the dishes , casseroles, casseroles, tagines ... we see immediately that each piece is unique and shaped by hand .

Terafeu Terafour

A warm store, like Christine!

Tajines Terafeu Terafour

Adorable tajines, perfect shapes to simmer, without tying, keeping the flavors

The properties of the earth are infinite! It is important, in a modern and functional kitchen , to have containers and cooking dishes that give us pleasure to use them, that we are proud to bring to the table. It is important to have a use for each object, but that it is as aesthetic , that it seduces us ! For cooking objects, which go into the oven and go on all fires, Christine has chosen the refractory earth , a clay- based pottery that bakes and withstands very high temperatures . It is thanks to its purity and the know-how of the potter in the development of each piece, that the refractory earth acquires its optimal cooking properties of food. One is sometimes disappointed by cooking a dish in sauce which ends up sticking to dry out: the refractory land avoids these pitfalls by keeping the softness and smoothness of the simmered dishes, with in addition the user-friendliness of a dish which keeps warm the food and pleases guests with its beauty. Try the casseroles, casseroles, tajines and dishes of all shapes ... Adapt them to the color of your kitchen! There is something for everyone!

Terafeu Terafour shop

The showroom / store located in Tilh, in a beautiful farmhouse with an apparent wooden frame.

Manufacture Terafeu Terafour

All the pieces are handmade in a workshop located in the Basque Country for several decades

Terafeu Terafour

The pleasure to cook and serve in pretty terrines and cassolettes

We are almost all equipped with a dishwasher and it is for us to use! All the pieces made by Terafeu Terafour go into the machine . You can use them on all the fires (gas equipped with a diffuser, low heat), but also and especially in your oven or directly on the coals for the campfire evenings convivial!

Each piece is enameled in the simplest and most natural way possible at 1200 degrees: lead-free, cadmium-free , with solid colors and ecological pigments, bright and radiant . Made by hand, by soaking process, each piece is unique.

Terafeu Terafour

Do you prefer the matte or glossy version? My heart capsized for both!

Terafeu Terafour Shimmering colors and perfect for every kitchen!


Terracotta: pots, presentation dishes and dishes useful and practical

The terracotta range for presentation and tasting rooms has the same practicality, it also has the power to preserve food such as garlic, onion (no germ, no smell). The oil does not rancid and the salts retain their ideal moisture content.

Terafeu Terafour shop

Display at the entrance of the store, for the terracotta.

Terafeu Terafour

Classic looks, contemporary and elegant shapes

Terafeu Terafour It's nice to cook with nice dishes that respects and showcases food!

Pottery is the oldest kitchen item in man . Before forging metal and using complex alloys, humans cooked and stored food in earthen containers. Ancient jars, amphorae and bowls, dating back several millennia, confirm the resistance to the time of the earth, this noble and living material.

Terafeu Terafour

Useful, effective and practical: put all this in the dishwasher, no problem!

Terafeu Terafour The colors are very resistant to washing, they become even more vibrant.

Terafeu Terafour On the right, the display with all the colors available

Terafeu Terafour Coordinated ranges and complementary shapes and colors


Range to cook, cook, taste, preserve food ...

To cook with the refractory earth , find the casseroles, very practical with their little handles on each side of the lid, unavoidable and of different sizes. Eastern-style tajines wearing their hats. Terrines , to prepare baked leather dishes, are available in large capacity and there are also cazuelas (small cassolettes typical of Chile and Argentina). The pie dishes keep the moisture of the dough and cook without drying .

Terafeu Terafour

The famous COCORICO, to cook a chicken in the vertical! It is placed on the pedestal, by the rump and the fat goes into the receptacle, that gourmands garnish with vegetables ...

To taste with the terracotta and to present your dishes , discover the bowls , the elegant salad bowls , the flat baskets with a beautiful handle on the top for the transport. Cups , mugs , jugs , kettledrums ... lovers of tea and herbal tea will find pretty models of tisanières and to serve wine and water, pitchers , goblets . To help you in your spots, salt hands that host the salt or salt shakers for the finest tasting salts. Mortars to make pestos or grind herbs, make condiments with an oiler , scrapers for garlic, zest ...

As a gift to offer or to have fun, at Christmas time and all year long to cook tasty dishes ... Pottery is also a sustainable , ecological and economical choice . The life of the dishes being endless, with the proper maintenance and care that naturally takes to the beautiful elements of cuisine that is offered!

Terafeu Terafour

Nice pots, for garlic, onion and shallots?

Terafeu Terafour

Oil cruet and salt hand

Terafeu Terafour

The pleasure of eating in beautiful coordinated and modern dishes

Terafeu Terafour The Terafeu store also offers several regional products and local crafts.

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