3 good reasons to go to Biscarrosse

Imagine a small town nestled between 2 lakes, the ocean and surrounded by pine forests ... Wonderful ? Well, this city is Biscarrosse! It is a beautiful place to discover with family, couple or friends. During my trip, I was surprised by the number of activities to do : museums, sports activities, gastronomic experiences ... I loved Biscarrosse and I will give you 3 good reasons to go!  

Marvel at the Museum of Hydraviation 

musée de l'hydravion

the impressive entrance to the Museum of Hydravation


Whether you are a connoisseur or not, this museum will not leave you indifferent! This is the only museum in Europe dedicated to seaplanes, these planes that can take off and land on the water! But why such a museum at this place? Pierre-Georges Latécoère, emblematic character of the beginning of aviation has chosen Biscarrosse for the assembly and testing of his machines. Ideally located to imagine the crossing of the Atlantic, there are many lakes around that are protected from the winds by the dune. Biscarrosse has thus become a strategic place for hydraviation.


musée de l'hydravion

The section on technical testing and its many modelsmusée de l'hydravion

The model of one of the first seaplanes - how brave to get on board!  

Thanks to the explanations given to the museum, the models, the posters of archives etc. we are doing a really good jump in time, when we dreamed of "flying ships in the sky". One part is also devoted to the canadairs, another one to the beginnings of the air mail, the aviation during wars ... Everything is very well explained and the sounds in the various rooms allow to immerse us in the atmosphere. Children will be delighted to discover beautiful models and operate devices to understand how machines work.


Musée de l'hydravion

Reconstitution of an airplane cabin of the time. The luxury!

The last building is a hangar that houses dozens of planes including the world's first seaplane! If you visit this museum, do not hesitate to share a few words with the staff who will be happy to share their knowledge with a perfect smile. They have taught us that many exhibits have been found in Lake Biscarrosse and that there must surely remain many treasures at the bottom of the water.


Musée de l'hydarvion

The museum shed is full of nuggets!


Surprisingly, I also loved the shop, which offers not just tourist items but books, bags, posters of very good qualities related to aviation and its history. I loved  vintage advertising posters from Air France.

After visiting this museum, I had only one desire: get on a plane and admire the lakes, the forest and the sea from the sky! I saw that Le Vol des Aigles proposed baptisms of the air in ULM or seaplane!

Le Vol des Aigles

And if we took the height with Le Vol des Aigles ? Photos: Le vol des aigles


To feast with the good gastronomy of the Landes 

In the south-west of France, we eat very good food and this is even more true in the Landes! The small producers are numerous and the specialties so appetizing. We came across an address that should convince you: Les Saveurs de Bisca shop. The pretty shop is full of good regional products: jams, charcuterie, tapenade ...


Yum yum, the good products of the region
les saveurs de bisca

I think I'm going to buy this Marmelade de Patatxou


Everything looks so good. Each product has been carefully selected by Sophie, the manager. In talking with her, we feel the passion she has to find small treasures that will be offered in her shop. To consume on the spot or take away to make taste with the close ones, do not hesitate, these good products are made with love and the great know-how of the craftsmen.

The beers of the excellent Kanaha brewery of Biscarrosse 

If you prefer to opt for a restaurant, I have another address to offer: Le Parcours Gourmand. Nothing that the name is hungry! With its beautiful terrace overlooking the greenery, we eat good dishes made from fresh and seasonal products. It's beautiful, it's good, why not?


My favorite thing when I go to the Landes is to eat a nice and big salad. Served generously, it is composed of smoked duck breast, gizzards, foie gras. It is true that it is quite caloric but it is so good! What if we went to the beach now?

salade landaise

The Landes salad, rich indeed, but so tasty! 

Enjoy the sandy beaches


For me, the beaches of Biscarrosse are among the most beautiful beaches of the Landes. They extend as far as the eye can see, the sand is very fine and the sand dune offers a magnificent view when one is on the beach.

plage Biscarosse

The long beach stretching as far as the eye can see 

There is always something to do here, walk for miles along the beach, do some shopping in the shopping streets, swim in the beautiful waves. However, the flagship activity practiced by both tourists and locals is surfing!  


Photo : Point Break Surf

Briefing with Point Break before going surfing! Photo: Point Break Surf School Photo : Point Break école de Surf

A little surf lesson with Point Break? Photo: Point Break Surf School 

If the experience tempts you, take a ride to Point Break surf school to take some classes.


If the waves are a bit scary and you prefer a peaceful corner, head for the lakes! There are plenty in the area and they are perfect for family fun. 

Do you smell the pines?


Where to stay in Biscarrosse? 

You will find many campsites in Biscarrosse for motorhomes, tent in mobile home ... with or without animations.

If you are looking for a hotel, head to En Chon Farm. This 3 * establishment has one hectare of wooded parkland between the lake and the ocean. What a very good time ...  

plage de biscarosse

Biscarrosse beach

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Article rédigé par Mélanie Oliva pour le Guide des Landes

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