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Labastide d'Armagnac
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The Landes have been inhabited since prehistoric times . With such a long and rich history , this country has a strong culture . Its traditions are imbued with the specificities of this life, between forest and ocean . Many museums retrace this rural and authentic daily life , in this wine-growing and agricultural land ; reveal to us these ancestral know-how and its ancient trades ; and show us the arts and crafts , which flow from it, from prehistoric times to the present day .

Its magnificent forest and its regional park, its numerous sporting activities at sea or in its numerous lakes, its seaside resorts and spas ..., the Landes already has no shortage of tourist attractions. Between the immense mouth of the Gironde, the Gers and its gastronomy, the Pyrenees mountains, the ocean and its riches, this former province of Gascony is at the heart of multiple influences which have forged its character , its heritage and its culture . To discover it, immerse yourself in it and better appreciate this beautiful country, we take you on a cultural trip in the Landes .

Despiau Museum
Despiau Wlérick Museum

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Museums to do with the family

Army Light Aviation Museum (ALAT) and Helicopter

South of the Adour , in Dax , the Army and Helicopter Light Aviation Museum has an exceptional collection of 40 old airplanes and helicopters . It is a veteran who will visit you and tell you stories and anecdotes about these extraordinary machines . Young or old, you will come out with your head in the clouds and stars in your eyes.

Hydraviation Museum

On the North Coast of the Landes , Biscarosse was chosen for its geographical particularities, ideal for testing the first French seaplanes . Today, a museum traces this unique experience.
>>>> Our blogger takes you on a tour of the only museum dedicated to seaplanes in Europe .

In Butterfly Paradise

A living museum , do you like it? We take you to paradise, just that! It is located in Sanguinet. At Paradis du Papillon, you enter a marvelous garden , which will amaze you. During a guided tour, you will take a world tour of butterfly species , but not only. The aquarium will show you original fish. In the greenhouse, you will also meet other insects, well hidden in an exuberant flora. It is an exotic and magical journey that will delight young and old alike ...

Ecomuseum of Marquèze

In the Regional Natural Park of Landes , the Ecomuseum Marquèze teach you the traditions and lifestyle of the inhabitants of the park in the 19th century. Very educational and fun , it particularly targets children.

Aviation museum

The Light Aviation Museum

Butterfly ParadiseEcomuseum of Marquèze
The Butterfly Paradise and the Marqueze Ecomuseum

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For lovers of heritage and the life of yesteryear

Small museum of Landes history

In Grenade-sur-l'Adour, at the Landes History Museum , we tell you the story of everyday life in the Landes . It is a museum of local life in the 20th century. As its name suggests, it is an authentic, intimate and warm “ little museum ”.

Chalosse Museum

In Montfort-en-Chalosse, in a beautiful farm, the Chalosse museum tells you about life on the lands of “ Chalosse . It is a living and animated museum with reenactments, workshops and a guided tour .

Museum of Rural Life in Landes Country

In Laluque, the museum of rural life invites you to discover the tools, trades and activities of the farm and the forest .

Ecomuseum of Armagnac

Around the vineyard , a whole way of life has been created, with its specific trades : winegrower, winegrower, cooper, distiller for brandies ... and its particular rhythm between viticulture, harvest and aging . The Armagnac museum in Labastide-d'Armagnac traces the stages of this production, which takes years, before being able to taste these precious beverages . It offers original activities : an escape game " Mission distillation ", becoming a harvester for a day , guided tours and one-off activities .

House of heritage and ancient crafts

To better understand the Landes rural culture , a visit to the Maison du Patrimoine in Mimizan is a must. Exhibitions of collections, videos and demonstrations will allow you to better understand the Landes forest and measure its importance for the inhabitants. You will be able to put yourself in the shoes of the workers around and in the forest, and discover the professions of shepherd and resin . To experiment , children can participate in workshops and fun activities .

Arthous Abbey

Come and discover the Abbey of Arthous, a sumptuous Historic Monument, with a rich history that is revealed during a visit and exhibitions. Art, History, Heritage, this former 12th century Abbey is open from April to November.

Landes d'Antan Museum

The Landes d'Antan museum , in Lit-et-Mixe , takes you to the heart of the life of the people of Marensin in the 19 th and 20 th century : these shepherds on stilts , these peasants who still ate their own land and these resin trees who lived thanks to the pines of the Landes . It is currently closed for the year 2020 .

Museum of traditions

Open only in season, do not miss the museum of traditions in Biscarosse. It presents everyday objects, old tools , but above all it will allow you to better understand “ gemmage ” or “ resination ”, a very important activity for the inhabitants of the Landes forest .

CHalosse Museum
The Chalosse Museum

Heritage House
The Heritage House of Mimizan

Art in all its forms

Brassempouy prehistosite

Known for its famous Lady , the Prehistosite of Brassempouy offers an immersion in the heart of a large archaeological site. We start the visit with its museum and its magnificent remains to admire. Then you enter the Archeopark, where activities and demonstrations allow you to experience and "live" prehistory , as if you were there : lighting the fire, making a flint knife ... In October, it turns into a stopover of hunting for a championship of shooting with prehistoric weapons . And if the lady in the hood was lost ... Find her during an extraordinary escape game .

Departmental Museum of Earthenware and Tableware

In Samadet, the earthenware museum shows you a very fine collection of earthenware , explains the techniques and evolution of fashion and everyday objects. He also introduces children and adults to artistic creation during his clay modeling and painting workshops using ancestral techniques .

Despiau-Wlérick Museum

In addition to the richness of its collection of sculptures , the Despiau-Wlérick museum in Mont-de-Marsan explains in its graphic art studio how the works are made. It also offers temporary exhibitions and activities, especially for the youngest. Before leaving Mont-de-Marsan, discover the other activities to do in this lively town. We take you for a ride.

Georgette Dupouy Museum

It is the world of painting that we discover in Dax , at the Georgette Dupouy museum . This painter has exhibited her works in the largest rooms in the world and alongside the biggest names in painting . The volunteers of the association are passionate and enthusiastic, and will make you appreciate this little-known artist in France.

Borda Museum

In Dax , in the Chapelle des Carmes , the Borda museum houses a wide variety of collections . The theme changes every year: paleontology, archeology, ethnography, fine arts… The guided tour also includes the crypt of the chapel , with the remains of the foundations of a Roman basilica .

The prehistosite

The Prehistosite of Brassempouy

The Earthenware Museum
The Earthenware and Tableware Museum

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Cycling and cycling

The "little bicycle museum", the collection of an enthusiast

Whether you are an amateur or an enthusiast, to learn all about history , racing equipment or major events , do not miss the bicycle museum in Lit-et-Mixe . On site, you will have the opportunity to admire some rare pieces and meet the owner, who will be able to pass on his passion to you . You can also rent bikes there or directly on the A bicyclette 40 site .

Our Lady of the Cyclists

Notre Dame des Cyclistes is a charming chapel . But for cycling enthusiasts , this is a visit well worth the detour. Offered in exvoto , hundreds of famous cyclists' jerseys are on display inside, as well as vintage bikes . For amateurs or curious visitors, it is an original way to discover the universe and the history of cycling and the “ Tour de France ”.

A bicycle

A Bicyclette - The small bicycle museum

There are many museums to discover in the Landes. We hope this roundup of cultural tours has inspired you, but we cannot be exhaustive.

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Article written by Stéphanie Tempier for the Guide des Landes.

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