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Mont de Marsan / Armagnac

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Mont de Marsan has been the Prefecture of the Landes since 1790 and therefore an administrative town, where two rivers, the Midou and the twelve meet, to form the Midouze. We can see the remains of the Walls and the castle, which bear witness to the creation of the city by Pierre de Laubaner. Around the 14th century, the town began a prosperous period and became a port, from which armagnac and wheat left for Bayonne. This prosperity, found in the 18th century after the wars of religion, and with the barge trade, will give way in the 20th century to the administrative city we know today, with a strong military and civil administration. Mont de Marsan is also a pleasant town for holidays, with a rich historical and cultural heritage, pleasant museums, a beautiful market and an interesting geographical location, to shine in the interior Landes and if necessary, join the coast in 1 hour, for a day trip to the seaside.

 Map of Mont de Marsan Armagnac

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Mont de Marsan

Numerous walking and cycling tours are offered by the dynamic Marsan Tourist Office and allow you to discover the Mont de Marsan of yesterday and today, ramparts, Romanesque houses, church of the madeleine, arena, park Jean Rameau... The city of 3 rivers and 4 flowers will, we are sure, surprise you ! Come to Mont de Marsan for the Madeleine festivals (at the Arènes du Plumaçon) in July, or the Arte Flamenco festival the same month, many restaurants and young talented chefs, Landes cow races in the arenas.

What to do in Mont de Marsan?
  • In the historic city courtyard, visit the Despiau Wlérick Museum, a fine arts museum that highlights figurative sculpture, with high-quality permanent and temporary exhibitions. A lovely park adjoins the museum. Also discover the Raymond Farbos Contemporary Art Center.
  • There are several parks where you can stroll on a beautiful sunny day in Mont-de-Marsan, it is a colorful and flowery town. The whole family will enjoy a walk in the Nahuques Park, which is free and offers a playground, a shaded setting and (farm) animals to discover and pet. Jean Rameau Park is dotted with tall trees, with a playground and wide, quiet alleys. Take a walk on the bucolic banks of the Midouze, where you can admire beautiful viewpoints and in particular the confluence of rivers. Leave from the Tourist Office. Do you like art and the forest? Meet at the Contemporary Art Forest, a permanent exhibition in the Landes de Gascogne Natural Park. It is a pretext to make a nice walk, you can easily spend a day there by taking the picnic.
  • Finally, do not miss the Saint-Roch Food Market, partly covered, on Tuesday and Saturday mornings.

Mont de Marsan is one of the 10 must-see towns and villages in the Landes, read our article!

Mont-de-Marsan © Teddy-Bear

Mont-de-Marsan © Teddy-Bear via Mont-de-Marsan Tourist Office

Mont de Marsan Confluence- © Teddy_Bear_Photos

Mont de Marsan, the confluence © Teddy_Bear_Photos via Mont-de-Marsan Tourist Office

The Covered Market @ agence-les-storytellers  Parc Jean Rameau @ agency-the-storytellers

The Covered Market and the Jean Rameau Park @ agence-les-conteurs via Mont-de-Marsan Tourist Office


Roquefort is a Landes bastide, which is the entry point into the Landes d'Armagnac, a region where the brandy of the same name is king and deserves that you learn all the nuances and taste all the flavors...

North-east of Mont-de-Marsan, Roquefort is a Jacquaire town on the Voie du Vézelay. Crossed by the Estampon, at the edge of this river (on which you can go canoeing in season) you can see the remains of the ramparts of this 10th century bastide.

In Roquefort, you have to taste Bourrit, this Landes brioche, a kind of pastis that you can find at the local bakery.


The village of Roquefort

Saint-Justin not far is also an old country house, built high up in the 13th century. Explore it through the heritage trail, with information panels all around the city. You will see a curious octagonal tower there, not far from the central arcaded square. Guided tours are organized in season, by the Tourist Office. Visit the Château de Fondat in Saint-Julien, it dates from the 17th century and its neo-renaissance style is not lacking in charm. In its gardens, a collection of rare trees, you can visit them freely.

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Labastide d'Armagnac

Labastide d'Armagnac, a magnificent medieval Bastide dating from the end of the 13th century (founded in 1291) and its superb royal square, await you next ! Stroll under the arcades, along the Armagnac producers' shops, you can see beautiful half-timbered houses, a church and a fortified bell tower. Labastide d'Armagnac can be visited all year round, but it must be recognized that in summer, night visits and torchlight walks are a little extra that we do not hesitate to recommend.

To know everything about Landes wine and Armagnac, read our article!

In addition, Labastide d'Armagnac is a place of cultural expression, many artists have their workshops and galleries there, and the town offers multiple concerts and shows in summer. We particularly recommend the Festival "l'Oreille en place".

Another celebration : Come celebrate Armagnac with "Armagnac en fête" which takes place in October. Aperitifs, meals, games, demonstrations, it's an unmissable and unmissable party!! Armagnac will have no more secrets for you !

Visit the Armagnac Ecomuseum at Château Garreau which will allow you to understand the origins, manufacture and aging of the famous brandy and Notre Dame des Cyclistes, a small original museum in a chapel dedicated to the Tour de France and to all cyclists, housing a collection of vintage jerseys and bikes.

Labastide d'Armagnac, full of character
The treasure of the region!
Our Lady of the Cyclists
Notre-Dame-des-Cycliste, a must-see pilgrimage for cycling lovers

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