Electric trotinette in the Landes forests

Have you ever tested an electric scooter? They have invaded cities to offer more mobility to city dwellers. Light and manageable, they allow you to travel great distances without making any effort. For you, I tested a sportier version: an electric scooter cross to wander in the forests of the Landes! This original activity, fun and ecological is ideal to discover the region. How does it work, where can we do it? ...


A little theory before the practice of the electric scooter


Today, it is a wonderful time in Biscarrosse. A perfect day for an outdoor activity. That's good, we booked 2 off-road scooters at the Trottin'Bisca agency, which is a few meters from the beach.


Before departure, we learn about the nice places to visit


The electric scooters cross have a fantastic look! With their all-terrain tires and suspensions, they look like mountain bikes ... without saddle. They are quite light especially because the battery is not on the scooter, it is the user who wears it in a backpack that weighs about 2.5kg. I assure you that once on the slopes, he is completely forgotten!


Looks like an ATV is not it? 

How does it work an electric scooter?

First step, we connect the battery to the scooter with a cable. To accelerate, as on a motorcycle, you turn the right handle towards you. To brake, it's as easy as on a bike. You can also adjust the speeds from 1 to 5 to give more power. It's time to get started!


The Landes forests are really ideal for testing these scooters!

A dial indicates the speed, the mileage and very importantly, the level of the battery


We start with tarmac bike paths, to tame the machine a bit. We go gradually, we test the different terrains (descent on land, sand track ...) and we start to have fun. It is very good sensations because the scooter is handy and I assure you that it accelerates very well. For the more cautious, do not worry, it's really you who control your speed. Scooters are available from 12 years! No doubt, this is a family outing that will appeal to teenagers.


Small detour to the beach before rushing into the forest 

On the roads and small roads of the Landes 

We left in the direction of Lake Biscarrosse by road, to familiarize ourselves with our scooters. Be careful, it's like cycling, better be careful and keep on the right side of the road! Quickly, we forked on the forest road of the Lette du Profond


One of the tracks we liked the most! 

We passes through a beautiful pine forest, the terrain is hilly and the perfect ground for these off-road scooters. We are alone, hair in the wind. This is very fun ! Between 2 races, we are stunned by the beauty of this peaceful forest, a few kilometers from crowded beaches.


You know the proverb "Nothing better than an electric scooter to roam the forests"?


It is impressive to see how powerful these scooters are when you need to climb, on soft or uneven ground ... The batteries have a range of about 40km but it depends of course the use and weight of the driver. There is no problem to go for hours of ride. We did about 15km in an hour, we could have done more without problems.

The staff at the Trottin'Bisca agency is really friendly and good advice. Louis particularly recommended the beautiful walk between the beach of Vivier and the beach of Salie. We can even continue this walk to the Dune of Pilat. It looks beautiful and with a bit of luck, it seems that you can even see the beautiful wildlife including birds of all kinds and even porpoises!


There is so much possibility of walks ...


If this activity inspires you, remember to book your scooter because for the moment, the agency has little but it has more and more success! Otherwise you can always opt for FatBike. These are electric bicycles and those offered at the agency are manufactured in the region. They have a good look and allow you to roll easily on the sand at low tide. Imagine yourself, on your FatBike, at the edge of the water, at sunset ... feeling of freedom guaranteed. In addition, these bikes have a range of 80km! What to walk a good part of the Landes coast.


Bikes to ride on the beach at low tide (which make us look). 

I really loved this experience and I highly recommend you try it out. Once past the apprehension of the beginnings, we really have fun!

For those who wish to continue the adventure but in the water this time, take a look at Hoya Surf School. The time of a lesson or an internship, you can learn the techniques to become a Paddle ace.

Hoya SUrf

Crédit photo Ecole Hoya Surf


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Article written by Mélanie Oliva for the Landes Guide


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