Surf spots in the Landes

Surf spots in the Landes
Do you want to go surfing in the Landes? It is a sport that allows you to enjoy the benefits of the ocean and that is practiced in all seasons. Nicknamed the “ Silver Coast ”, the Landes coast is very famous for its surf spots.

Surfing is a sport based on balance and flexibility, which works the whole body. It is a “ dance in the waves ”, but also a confrontation with the ocean. A culture and a state of mind emerge, where personal challenge, competition and respect for nature come together... The Landes have an Atlantic coast, which conceals many treasures for surfers, with its many beach breaks. Its beautiful sandy beaches as far as the eye can see. It is an idyllic and wild setting very popular with surfers. The Landes Guide has toured the best surf spots in the Landes for you.

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  • DON'T MISS : Our selection of surf schools in the Landes, to learn or improve. There is no age to learn to surf! You just need to know how to swim and be ready to row with your arms!

The CapBreton, Soorts-Hossegor and Seignosse surf spot

The North beaches and La Gravière are among the must-see surf spots in the Landes. International competitions take place there every year, in particular the Quick Silver Pro France. In Soorts-Hossegor, there is also a whole atmosphere that permeates the city. You will live a real experience immersed in the surf culture! Going down to the south, the spots are easier for all levels. It is also on these beaches that you have to go to take lessons and find all the necessary equipment, at the Hossegor Surf Club on the central beach or at the Tao Magic Glisse on the South beach.

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In October, Hossegor becomes the surfing capital of the world! Whether you are a surfer or just a spectator, this is a highlight of the year not to be missed!

In Seignosse, Bourdaines beach is one of the most popular spots after Hossegor, but Le Penon beach is not lacking in assets either. You can surf there at high tide as at low tide, but you should be careful of fairly strong currents.  

Capbreton is a spot for experienced surfers. It is its shore breaks waves that are interesting, but they are also very powerful. This area offers you impressive waves, where you can confront the power of the ocean. But it involves many risks and we advise you to contact professionals for advice.


Hossegor is a famous surf spot. Photo : © Barbora Kramna | Unsplash


Photo : © Valentino Funghi | Unsplash

The beaches of Vieux-Boucau-les-Bains, Messanges and Moliets-et-Maa

These beautiful, long beaches are good beachbreaks. Messanges is surely the most famous and has its “ surf hut ”: Messanges Surf School. Every day conditions change and yesterday's good spot is not the same the next day. Experts say that it is above all necessary to be observant and patient, to find the right place, the right time and the right wave...  

On the beach of Moliets, the surf school of Moliets offers private lessons, courses, weekends of surfing, equipment... You are not very far from the mouth of the current of Huchet, a natural space, to surf in front of a postcard decor. In Léon, Natura Surf is a small school, which adapts to your desires for lessons in a friendly atmosphere.

Vieux-Boucau is more lively, with a surfcamp, a beachcamp (a wellness area), a large car park and shops. Technically, the waves are very nice and you won't have to worry about the tides.

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The beaches of Vieille-Saint-Girons, Cap de l'Homy and Contis

You enter a wilder part of the Landes coast. You will appreciate its natural environment more than the technicality of its waves. In Saint-Julien-en-Born, the beach of Contis is at the edge of the forest and near the current of Contis. It is a very pleasant place, which will appeal to nature lovers. On Contis-Plage, Go4surf welcomes you to the surfing family, in a friendly atmosphere. In Lit-et-Mixe, you can try the Cap de l'Homy, to surf in peace, as well as on the beach of Vieille-Saint-Girons.

Bed and Mix

Cap de l'Homy Beach. Photo : © Eric Terrade | Unsplash

Surf spot in Biscarrosse and Mimizan

In Biscarrosse, the Vivier beach is very famous for its good waves. You face the Landes forest and it is a magnificent beach. However, the parking lot or the camper van area is a bit far from the beach.

The good tip : Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned surfer, the Point Break surf school instructors are at your disposal for initiations or improvements, in individual lessons or during a course, on the Vivier beach.  

On the North beach, you have access to all the advantages of the town of Biscarrosse. If you want to park your vehicle nearby, there is a parking lot by the beach.

The good plan : La Vigie school offers you a large space, with many services, an art gallery and a shop, on the edge of the North beach of Biscarrosse.


Photo : © Yuriy Mlcn | Unsplash

In Mimizan-Plage, on Remember beach or Ailes beach, you benefit from all the comfort of family beaches on the edge of town: parking, direct access from town, supervised swimming and first aid station during the summer, and ' SilverCoast Surf school… On the other hand, they are very busy and you will have to watch out for swimmers in season. If you are looking for quieter corners, you will have to go to the South beach of Mimizan. See you also at La Garluche surf school.

Surfing competitions are held throughout the year in the Landes. We recommend the Surfing Landes (fr) site for all the practical information.


Biscarosse beach. Photo : © Pieter de malsche | Unsplash

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You can surf on the entire Landes coast and there are many other spots that we let you discover. We wish you to enjoy the beachbreaks of the Silver Coast!

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