The most beautiful walks and hikes in the Landes, near the ocean and inland

The most beautiful wa ...
Would you like a little stroll by the ocean? Unless you prefer a hike in the Landes lands? This department has nearly 3,500 km of trails, to the delight of hikers.

The Landes bring together territories with very different landscapes. Coastal paths line the long beaches and span the dunes along the coastline. The Landes de Gascogne Regional Park is ideal for family outings, in the heart of the Landes forest. The more athletic will appreciate the Chalosse valleys, south of the Adour, or the Armagnac hills, near Mont-de-Marsan. We have selected the coolest routes for you, for young and old alike. Put on your walking shoes, let's go hiking in the Landes!

Opening photo : Hossegor © Peapop |

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radiant ALL THE HIKES to do in the Landes, can be found on our special hiking page in the Landes, with our partner CIRKWI. Indicate the place of departure or the geographical area that interests you, to find itineraries, circuits and hiking loops to do in the Landes. Smart and practical!

The Great Hikes and the ways of Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle

The GR655 Grande Randonnée path crosses the Landes from north to south, from Saugnacq-et-Muret to Adour. It is part of the Voie de Tours des Chemins de Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle, so you can extend it either northwards in Gironde or southwards in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques. The Ways of Compostela are marked out by points of religious interest: churches, abbeys, cathedrals... It is a good opportunity to discover the magnificent heritage of the region.

the good idea Take a break to have fun with the family at the Testarouman leisure center in the Pissos nature and sport base.

The GR654 corresponds to the Voie limousine de Vézelay. Two portions cross the Landes. A first stage starts from La Réole, in Gironde, to Mont-de-Marsan. You can join the Landes GR at Roquefort. Then from Mont-de-Marsan, you continue the GR to the Saint-Blaise church on the border between the Landes and the Pyrénées-Atlantiques.

the good idea

We take you to visit Mont-de-Marsan.

moorland trails

Come and hike on the Landes trails, by bike or on foot. Photo ©Guide des Landes

Coastal paths

Along the coast, it is pleasant to walk on the dunes or through the Landes forest. Our gaze is lost in the distance on the horizon line between the sky and the ocean. We breathe deeply the invigorating sea air and we take the opportunity to play sports: climb the dunes, walk in the sand, run at the edge of the water and why not take a break to swim a little or simply do dip. There are many routes on the Landes coast. Here are our favorites:

  • The circuits of Biscarrosse: You have the choice between Biscarrosse beach, the pond of Cazaux and Sanguinet and the pond of Biscarrosse and Parentis.
  • Circuits around Mimizan: Mimizan-Plage or the Aureilhan pond.
  • In Lit-et-Mixe: Cap de l'Homy.

the good idea

Make an unusual descent of the Contis current.

  • In Vielle-Saint-Girons: The Bareuyes circuit or the Tucs circuit.
  • Moliets-et-Maâ circuits: around the Léon pond or in the Huchet current nature reserve.

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An unusual boat trip on the Huchet current.

  • Near Seignosse: the white pond or the black pond nature reserve.

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Here is an overview of your visit to the Black Pond Nature Reserve.

  • In the town of Soorts-Hossegor: The discovery of the marine lake.

port lili

    Follow the small paths near the lakes and ponds of the Landes. Here, the pretty Port Lili. Photo ©Guide des Landes

    The Landes de Gascogne Regional Nature Park

    The Landes de Gascogne Regional Natural Park covers a vast territory straddling the Landes and the Gironde. In the Landes department, it stretches between Casteljaloux, Mont-de-Marsan and the Arjuzanx National Reserve. It brings together specific natural spaces, which require protection. We must therefore be careful to preserve them. You can walk around it being respectful. Here are some interesting routes:

    • The river valley of the Leyre: The Moustey loop takes you along the banks of the Grande Leyre and other small streams. Near Sore, you take circuits along the Petite Leyre.
    • Further south of the park, routes go around Labrit and Albret castle, Brocas and its old forges, or Garein and its Hippodrome forest.

    the good idea The Marquèze ecomuseum tells you about the customs and life of yesteryear in the natural park (fr).


    The Arjuzanx National Reserve is a magical place, silent and conducive to bird watching. Photo: © Branko |

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    La Chalosse

    In the interior of the Landes, walking is more sporty. La Chalosse is a territory nestled between the Adour and the Pyrenees. Many paths run through this hilly landscape crisscrossed by charming rivers and small torrents. Sources around Dax and Eugénie-les-Bains make it a famous thermal region. The forests provide a very pleasant setting for your walks and as soon as the forest cover clears up, you can admire beautiful panoramas of the Pyrenees mountains. We recommend three hiking areas in Chalosse:

    • Les Barthes de l'Adour:Barthes ”, in Gascon, designate marshy meadows. These are wetlands, made up of swamps, meadows and lawns, peat bogs… They are found along the flood-prone banks of the Adour.

    the good idea The Barthes de l'Adour attract many birds. In Saint-Martin-de-Seignanx, the Lesgau reserve protects these places of nesting and passage of migratory birds. The tourist office organizes guided outings in this ornithological observatory.

    • The Luy valley:

    The Luy winds between the valleys of the Chalosse, before flowing into the Adour. It is the heart of Chalosse, an agricultural and breeding land. You walk through meadows and pastures, punctuated by groves, following the Luy. You can take the Voie Verte de la Chalosse from Dax to Saint-Sever.

    • Along the Gaves, on the border with Béarn:

    At the foot of the Pyrenees and at the water's edge, beautiful routes await you around Peyrehorade. You will follow the Gaves de Pau, Oloron and the Gaves combined. There are also themed circuits on Landes heritage.

    the good idea After sport, enjoy a moment of relaxation in the spas of the Landes.

    eugénie les bains fountain Eugénie-les-Bains, its fountain. Photo: ©

    The vineyards of Armagnac

    Two greenways run along the Armagnac vineyard slopes:

    • The Greenway of Marsan and Armagnac, from Mont-de-Marsan to Gabarret at the edge of the Gers. The common thread of this walk is a story told to help you discover the customs and the small heritage. It is based on testimonies from the 1900s.
    • The Voie Verte des Landes de Roquefort, which starts from Roquefort and climbs north to Bourriot-Bergonce. It is an old redeveloped railway line. It uses part of the Santiago de Compostela routes.

    green ways

      Landes greenways. Photo: ©Guide des Landes

      Our good plans

      Here are the must-see sites to organize your hiking trips in the Landes:

      • Rando-landes (fr) provides you with a great interactive map, where you can directly click on the hike that interests you and obtain all the necessary information.
      • The Landes tourist office (fr) has selected routes for you, sorted by theme or by territory.
      • Visorando (fr) offers you downloadable circuits in pdf.

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        We have reached the end of our hiking guide in the Landes and we just have to wish you beautiful walks!


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