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Landes South Coast

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This region of the Landes is a haven of peace for those who want to take the numerous cycle paths crossing the Landes forest or along the coast from Moliets-et-Maâ to Soustons and from Seignosse to Ondres.

Renowned seaside resorts follow one another up to the edge of the neighboring Basque Country to the south, Messanges, Vieux Boucau Port d'Albret, Seignosse, Hossegor, Capbreton... Some more family-friendly like Vieux Boucau or Capbreton, others more "natural" like Seignosse Le Penon, others more trendy like Hossegor, paradise for surfers with its famous wave forming above the Gouf de Capbreton (the pit).

Southern Landes Map

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A typical Landes village, Moliets-et-Maâ is located on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a village surrounded by a very large forest area and not far from the Courant d'Huchet nature reserve.

Visitors coming to discover Moliets-et-Maâ will be surprised by the number of activities offered by the village, the latter being quite dynamic and attractive.

Take advantage of the two supervised beaches, ponds and cycle paths to discover all the secrets of the Landes environment. Do not forget the Moliets-et-Maâ golf course with 18 and 9 holes and its tennis complex that will make you spend excellent sports days.

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Moliets beach and maa
Moliets-et-Maâ beach @Lesley Williamson
Moliets and Maa golf course  Huchet current
Moliets-et-Maâ Golf and Courant d'Huchet @Lesley Williamson

Old Boucau

Vieux Boucau could have been forgotten after the Adour was diverted to Bayonne and the rise of its abandoned port. But with the tourist development of Port d'Albret around the Messanges or Soustons pond, the town is experiencing a new lease of life, and offers pleasant, pleasant and flowery walks. There is an 18-hole mini golf course in Vieux Boucau, for fun evenings with friends, but what everyone loves is walking on the pier, strolling by the ocean, stopping sip a drink in a bar and enjoy the holidays. During the day, take a Stand Up Paddle tour or rent bikes to browse the Vélodysée which passes through the region. In season, you can attend Landes races in the “Joseph Laudouat” arena, built in the 1960s in the town.

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Old Boucau
The seafront and nautical activities in Vieux Boucau


Soustons, is a nice little village, with a little town behind and a nice access to the sea. There is a pond, where you can take guided walks and also a current (a coastal river). The town is famous today because François Mitterrand stayed not far from there in the heart of the forest on his Landes farm in Latché for more than 31 years. A statue bearing his likeness pays homage to him at the entrance to Soustons in front of the Tourist Office.

  • In Soustons, there are activities for the whole family, like all the big seaside resorts on the coast, there is a nautical center with a multitude of activities and a 9-hole golf course.
  • For children, in season, there is a corn maze to explore... But also a miniature port by the pond, with very good quality reproductions of boats, it's fun!
  • For lovers of traditional objects, old crafts and know-how, visit the Museum of Traditions and Old Tools, for a trip back in time.

Soustons pond
Soustons pond
The village of Soustons

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Seignosse, Hossegor and Capbreton are three very close seaside resorts. Seignosse is the most natural and not very urbanized, its environment favors large natural spaces. In this small village where the art of living is present whatever the season, there is a 6km wide and beautiful beach, with famous surf spots for lovers of the swell. Perhaps this is the opportunity to take a course in Seignosse, to learn how to tame the waves too? Take a stroll through the Penon district with its family atmosphere, very lively in summer. Climb to the top of the dunes to the north of the town, to admire a breathtaking view of the mountains of the neighboring Basque Country to the south.

In Seignosse, conviviality is a culture, which finds its climax on August 15 during the "Casetas", a privileged moment where residents, associations and regular tourists, come together around local products prepared on the plancha for a great moment. exchange and sharing...

Like its neighbor Hossegor, Seignosse cultivates its relationship with the surrounding nature, you can in particular visit the black pond nature reserve, a pleasant wetland at any time of the day.

  • With children, discover the Aquatic Park Atlantic Park Seignosse, the little ones also appreciate the Minnie Landes just next door for children from 2 years old.
  • Golf enthusiasts will be happy to come and enjoy the magnificent Golf de Seignosse, which is one of the most beautiful greens in France.
  • An original, magical activity even to offer you during your stay in the Landes: a horseback ride on the beach!

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Seignosse Beach and its little holiday center


Hossegor, both bourgeois and trendy invites you to discover between sea and lake, its luxury villas in the Landes basco style of the 1930s, but also a superb sandy beach and many very popular and unmissable surf spots in France. The resort is also home to the headquarters of several major brands of surf equipment manufacturers and the stages of the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro France. Surfing arrived in the 60s in Hossegor, the resort today claims its lifestyle, and the now famous "Hossegor Wave" makes it the European Capital of Surfing.

  • Surf schools in Hossegor, to get you started in this demanding sport and experience your first gliding sensations, at any age.
  • Do you want to swim, without risking the ocean waves, or with the children? Direction the beautiful beaches of Lake Hossegor, you can also do nautical activities in calmer waters. Note that in Hossegor, there are also beaches (ocean side), where you can practice naturism.
  • Cycling in Hossegor is also a pleasure, the city offers more than 40 km of cycle paths which will allow you to discover "differently" its architectural and natural treasures, and for the more athletic, to join the neighboring municipalities of Capbreton and Seignosse.
  • There is the Golf d'Hossegor near the lake, renowned for its beauty and the pleasure of playing there, it is one of the most beautiful in France! It offers a typically British layout sheltered from the wind. Created in the 1930s, it is the site of many competitions throughout the year, such as the Grand Prix des Lands, the Fram Cup, or the Prix de la ville d'Hossegor.
  • The place to find good fresh produce from the Landes is the Halles d'Hossegor. You can go there every day and even have a drink and take the time to appreciate the atmosphere of this closed market.
  • Hossegor is close to the Basque Country, from which it borrows the culture, and if you went to see a Basque pelota match at Jaï Alaï d'Hossegor?

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Beach, surf and trendy atmosphere in Hossegor
Surfing in Hossegor
Now is the time to get started !
The Hossegor lake
The Hossegor lake

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Capbreton, more family-friendly and popular, is also the only port in the Landes which welcomes boaters all year round.

The port of Capbreton is the witness of very old fishing traditions. Formerly, its sailors left it to go whaling and made an important trade. The Port Estacade (photo below) bears witness to the age of the port facilities. Today, the port has a capacity of nearly 1000 rings, depending on the construction of new basins. On the port, you will taste, by buying them at the market, or in a local restaurant, the seafood, which is plethora here. One of the curiosities of Capbreton is the presence of a marine Gouf : a very deep fault not far from the entrance to the port, which makes it possible to find an unequaled wealth in the region of deep-sea fish, shellfish and crustaceans.

There are several things to discover in Capbreton:

  • The Maison de l'Oralité et du Patrimoine: to know everything about Capbreton over the years, and to know more about the famous Gouf, thanks to a modern museography.
  • The Capbreton hiking trails are numerous, take a walk on the dune or in the beautiful pine forest, which protects you from the summer heat. At the end of the day, the paths along the beach offer you wonderful sunsets.
  • The city has arenas, where you can attend Landes racing shows, in season.
  • Also visit the Bridges of the city, the Chapel of the beach... many tours organized by the Tourist Office are available throughout the year.

Finally, a much sought-after delight: the wine of the sands of Capbreton, the vineyard of the Domaine de la Pointe is located on the dunes, white, red and rosé wines, small production of only 15,000 bottles per year... to taste well heard in moderation!

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Port of Capbreton  Capbreton fish market
The port of Capbreton and the fish market, not to be missed for its diversity and the freshness of the products
The Capbreton boom
The Capbreton boom
L'Estacade de Capbreton, to walk around, admire the landscape all year round


Small village set back from the ocean, but yet so close, Saint-Vincent-de-Tyrosse is a festive place in summer, bathed in Gascon culture Take a stroll to discover a quiet place, with the small heritage typical of the Landes: fountains and washhouses, mills... Rugby culture is strong in the village, where there are also arenas that host ferias, when it is the season. You are not far from the white and black ponds, to admire the flora and fauna.

The Black Pond
The Black Pond

Tarnos and the land of Seignanx

A few kilometers from the Basque Country, separated only by the Adour, there are Boucau and Tarnos. You are almost in Bayonne, in a few minutes by bike, you can enjoy the attractions of the Basque capital. But here too, there is a lot to do!

The town of Tarnos is located in the Pays de Seignanx. Located on the Adour estuary, it has benefited for a long time from industrial dynamism, with the creation of a large port. Today, we enjoy a wetland rich in biodiversity, on the banks of the river. Take a stroll on the Tarnos dike, which offers a very nice view of the coast of the two departments. A wild beach is the delight of holidaymakers and cyclists take advantage of the Vélodyssée, which passes through the town.

The Pays de Seignanx has a rich natural heritage inherent in its wild lakes. The Marais d'Orx Nature Reserve (fr), for example, is a free site that is popular with observers of migratory birds. It is a beautiful place to explore on foot, in a quiet area by means of a guided tour or a walking circuit arranged on footbridges. In Ondres, fishing ponds allow you to tease fish at the Turc pond and the Garros pond.