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Le Vignoble

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When you think of the Landes, images of fine sand, dunes, pine forests come to mind ? You do not think of wine and yet the sandy coasts and the alluvium of the rivers provide fertile ground for the vines , which thrive in a favorable and mild climate.

The Landes vineyards have a “Protected Designation of Origin”: the “Vin de Tursan” and three “Protected Geographical Indication” : the “Vin de Pays des Landes”, the “Vin de Chalosse” and the “Vin des Sands”. Wine is produced there, but not only, you guessed it. The famous and succulent Armagnac is a golden and suave liquid that you absolutely must taste when you are an amateur.

Landes vines

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Tursan wine

The Tursan

Territory belonging to the Pays de l'Adour Landais (35km from Mont-de-Marsan), Le Tursan offers very dry white wines, rosés and reds. It is a wine with the controlled label of origin (AOC) since 2011.

The main grape varieties produced are Cabernet and Sauvignon for rosé wines, Tannat Fer Servadou for red wines, Baroque, Manseug, Sauvignon for white wines.

These are known and recognized wines, and have been since the 12th century. Indeed, these wines were already sent to England in the Middle Ages.

  • Red wines will go well with red meat, game, grilled meats or even cheese platters.
  • White wines, for their part, have sweeter aromas, with a hint of citrus that goes perfectly with a seafood platter, fish, foie gras or dessert.

  • Finally, the freshness and flexibility of rosé wines will enhance starters, grilled meats or even cheeses.

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Chalosse wines

South of the Adour, you can admire the Chalosse hills that produce wines mostly dry and sweet wines. The grape varieties are similar to those of Tursan with, among others, Cabernet, Tannat, Sauvignon and Manseng. This vineyard has the AOC and IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) quality labels.

These wines have their own identity and aromas which go perfectly with Landes specialties, namely foie gras or meat such as chalosse beef. They are also wines of character that are frequently found on Landes tables.

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The region of Bas-Armagnac is of course renowned for its well-known and recognized brandy, its production of Floc de Gascogne but also its local wines. The aromas are fruity and spicy with some floral notes. There are three colors : white, red and rosé.

Floc de Gascogne is a naughty aperitif, made with young Armagnac as well as grape slack. It is suitable for cocktails as an aperitif, but it can also be enjoyed with ice cubes on a sweet starter or with a dessert.

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Les VinS des Sables (VDP)

These vineyards are located at the foot of the dunes, near the ocean or in the heart of the sandy plains (from Lit-et-Mixe to Capbreton). They cover 300 ha and produce white (60%), red (25%) and rosé (15%) wines.

In the Middle Ages, the dunes were fixed by vineyards that were called "dune vineyards". Very quickly, red wine becomes popular and is found on the greatest tables of French, English and even Dutch royalty. It is exported by the port of Bayonne whose proximity to Capbreton is advantageous.

At the end of the 19th century, this wine tended to disappear and was produced only by a few producers. A few hectares were replanted at the end of the 90s, in Capbreton, keeping the tradition of ancient times. You will see the vineyard a few hundred meters from the beaches, on the dunes where the vines are protected from the winds.

  • The white wines are full bodied, with some floral and citrus undertones. They go of course with seafood, fish but also cheeses.
  • Rosé wines have fruity aromas that will accompany fish, grilled meats and poultry. It is a wine that is drunk very cold and ideal for your aperitifs !
  • Finally, the red wines are spicy, fruity and very well balanced which will go perfectly with red meats, game or even simmered dishes.

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