The most beautiful spots to admire the sunsets in Côte Landes Nature

The most beautiful sp ...

Nestled between Mimizan and Vieux-Boucau-les Bains, a small and wild territory of the Landes stretches along almost 30 km of coastline . The time of a stay, I discover all the charm of the small seaside resorts of Côte Landes Nature , nestled behind the dunes and pine forests in search of the best spots to contemplate spectacular sunsets !

A dazzling daily show on the Atlantic

Contis beach

Contis beach

Contis beach

Shopping Escapade at the Contis Beach

The current of Contis

The current of Contis

Cape Homy

Cape Homy

From Contis-Plage in the north to Saint-Girons-Plage in the south, 30 kilometers of sandy beaches stretch as far as the eye can see, bordered by the generous swells of the Atlantic Ocean . An authentic destination in southwestern France that deserves to be known.

Every evening, when the sun disappears on the horizon, the sky blazes with a wonderful palette of fiery colors to offer a magical show not to be missed under any circumstances during a holiday in Côte Landes Nature ! While cruising the territory a week, I got you the best spots to savor these last light of the day.

The master paintings of Mother Nature, to contemplate on the beach, the front row!

Cap de l'Homy and its wooden footbridges

  • On the beach of Contis

Undeniably one of my favorite spots at sunset! Accessible from Saint-Julien-en-Born by the Route de Contis, the small seaside resort of Contis-Plage has preserved its authenticity, its culture " surf " and its relaxed atmosphere. Its beach, 8 km long, facing west, is very popular with surfers and lovers of skiing !

Behind the dune, the hut of Contis , it is " the place to be " on the beach to spend a moment of relaxation between friends or family. A true local institution with the air of summer HQ, this beach hut placed on the sand offers a shaded spot under wooden pergolas, a kitchen to share and a nice cocktail menu. With extra, a sunset that never gets tired. A true enclave of happiness at the time of the contemplative aperitif !

Further south, the mouth of the current Contis is a privileged place for a ride between the dunes and the ocean. The stream flowing into the ocean reflects with splendor the last rays of sun, the sight is simply exceptional. Prodigious and striking, the sunset in Contis is unlike any other.

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  • From the dune and the esplanade of Cap de l'Homy

An unmissable rendezvous for locals at the end of the day, the wooden esplanade of Cap de l'Homy overlooks an immense beach of 10 kilometers of fine sand, swept by spray. Equipped with benches, this view offers a sublime 180-degree panorama of the endless dunes and the beach below. Ideal for a rejuvenating walk in a stunning natural setting, the beach of Cap de l'Homy is popular with walkers walk by the sea.

For a " drinks on the water " version, pack a fresh bottle, a little local foie gras and a good country baguette, your swimsuit and a handful of good friends in your bag. Find the corner of sand, which will fill you the time of an evening in front of the sea , the options are infinite. Enjoy the sweet and inimitable light of the evening that falls on the Atlantic Ocean, until the sunset orange sunset apotheosis.

Intimate beaches to commune with nature

  • The wild and almost secret beach of the Lette Blanche

The White Lette

La Lette Blanche Beach

La Lette Blanche Beach

This sumptuous beach attracts locals and holidaymakers who gather there in the late afternoon. Accessible from the pine forest which serves as shaded parking, the roar of the ocean can be heard from the wooden cross road, which must be taken to reach the top of the dune and end on the beach.

Unusually, this wild beach at the end of the world is the greatest happiness for lovers of open spaces in search of intimacy and serenity. Let yourself be enchanted by the waves breaking on the sand. Hypnotic and fascinating, the sky turns into a hodgepodge of oranges, golds and roses, before ending in a flickering of stars. A show of beauty!

  • On the naturist beach of Arnaoutchot

Renowned for being one of the most beautiful naturist beaches in France, the beach of Arnaoutchot is a unique spot in the Landes to admire the setting sun ... bare and in total harmony with nature. Located on the town of Vielle-Saint-Girons , this little corner of paradise has become a meeting place for epicureans naturist lovers , who wish to stay closer to a preserved nature and the Atlantic Ocean. Respect, freedom and conviviality are the key words of naturism that is practiced on this huge beach of fine sand a kilometer long.

To reach the beach at the foot of the dune, take the shaded path from the car park of Lette Blanche or access it by camping Arnaoutchot. You will either stay there or pay a day pass to enjoy the beach and activities of the naturist campsite : large swimming pools, sauna, steam room, spa, playgrounds, fitness trail etc ...

If you're not used to naturist beaches, Arnaoutchot is a real little nugget to try the experience at dusk, between dog and wolf, feet in the sand or sprawled on your fouta facing the ocean. A unique moment to admire a breathtaking show in your simplest device and in complete freedom.

Sunset on stand-up paddle on Lake Léon

Lake Leon

Paddle Lake leon ride

La Lette Blanche Beach

For a nice twilight ride on stand-up-paddle , Lake Léon is a green oasis that perfectly combines all the criteria of choice: a flat water plan sheltered from the wind, a high temperature compared to the ocean and a soothing natural setting. A relaxing stroll in SUP along the banks or tonic session, the lake of Léon, with its 340 hectares of water, reserves beautiful surprises for nature lovers.

For an easy launch, head to the beach of Lac de Léon just a few kilometers from the village of Léon. I inflate my paddle and I venture along the wild banks of the lake, partially classified as a nature reserve and Natura 2000 site. What's more wonderful than watching the sun set on the horizon and its last rays reflect on the lake from my SUP board? Nightfall is the best time to silently observe the majestic nature and awaken all our senses. Listen and open your eyes to discover the varied fauna that inhabit the lake: otters, nutria, European mink, but also European pond turtles.

In the very special atmosphere of the passage from day to night, the songs of wild birds punctuate my walk along the water. A total of 258 bird species have been recorded on Lake Léon, located on an important migration corridor. I distinguish several species of ducks that cancanent the passage of my paddle: mallard duck, Gadwall, whistling duck, shoveler, but also a coot, white spoonbills and a osprey. Magic moments!

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Article written by Lesley Williamson for the Guide Charente Maritime

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